Anna Christensson


Anna Christensson has since her debut concert in 2007 established herself as one of the leading Swedish pianists in her generation, and has performed in all the Nordic and Baltic countries, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia and USA. She has been awarded several prizes for her playing, f e first prize in Swedish EPTA competition 2002, Second prize in "Ljunggrenska" 2007, the maximum scholarship from the Swedish Academy of Music and second prize in the "Soloist award" in Stockholm 2010. She has played as a soloist with many of the Swedish professional orchestras, but has also a deep interest for chamber music, as well as for lied interpretation and contemporary interpretation. Anna studied at the Royal University College of music in Stockholm with professors Anderss Kilström and Mats Widlund, but she has also been taught by a number of other musicians, among others András Schiff, Ferenc Rados, Jiri Hlinka and Rita Wagner. Her repertoire is wide, and she is interested not only in the big romantic and classical piano tradition, but also in composers whose music risk to be totally forgotten. This is appearent on her debut CD, which was released 2009, a double CD with music by Henning Mankell Sr. Her second CD, "Rosenberg piano works" was released on the same label (Capriccio/Naxos), and was listed as 2012's third best release, all cathegories, by a critic in Swedens biggest newpaper Dagens Nyheter. Anna is also a member of Curious Chamber Players, an ensemble for contemporary chamber music.